Abtech Steel Buildings

High Quality, Secure, Affordable Steel Buildings

instructions-overviewAbtech can also supply our buildings in kit form. All brackets, bolts & screws are supplied along with full fitting instructions to enable any confident DIY enthusiast to erect their new building.

Due to the design of the structure, all components can be assembled without the need for heavy lifting equipment.

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map-homeOur technical department use standard load span tables to determine the most cost effective solution to meet our customers needs while ensuring the structural integrity of the structure.

Careful consideration is given to external conditions such as wind and snow loading for the customers location.

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lock-homeWhen you order a personnel door with your Abtech Steel Building, we only supply the 19 point locking door set, one of the most secure steel doors on the market. Along with the 14 point locking system, 4 dog bolts and the latch, the 19 points secure the door into its frame.

Abtech Steel Buildings can also incorporate a variety of Secure Roller Doors to meet our customers requirements.

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Cold Rolled Steel Framed Buildings – Benefits

  • Speed of Occupancy
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Reduced Foundation Costs
  • Durability
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Future Flexability
Why You Should Choose Abtech Steel Buildings