Speed of Construction

The framework for a typical steel framed building can be erected in hours with the structure becoming watertight in a fraction of the time associated with traditional builds.

Cost Effective

The Abtech Steel Frame is lighter than timber, concrete, brick or the more traditional heavy steel portal frame, with most buildings requiring only a 150mm deep concrete slab as a base. Reduced groundwork costs in plant hire and labour make our factory built frame an appealing alternative to traditional construction.


The Abtech cold rolled galvanised steel frame offers excellent durability with the life expectancy for galvanised steel being in excess of 50 years.

The frame is not subject to fungal attack from dry or wet rot or from insect infestations. Unlike timber, the steel frame is non flammable.

The cladding sheets are PVC or polyester coated to provide superior protection from our changeable weather.


The steel cladding outer skin is available in a range of colours. The 0.5mm thick sheets have a pvc leather grain finish.

PVC leather grain finish

Factory Built Precision

Using the latest CAD technology, each Abtech Steel Building is designed for ease of fabrication and construction.

The cold rolled steel sections are manufactured under controlled conditions in our own factory and are cut and punched to ensure a perfect fit, every time.