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With over 25 years experience in manufacturing for the construction and engineering industries, Abtech Steel Buildings are well aware of the high standards required by our customers. Located in the engineering heartland of Tyrone, Abtech Steel Buildings provide our clients with custom designed, galvanised steel framed buildings that stand the test of time.

What are the Benefits of Cold Rolled Steel Framed Buildings?

Speed of Occupancy Due to the fact that the elements of the Abtech Steel Building are pre-fabricated in the factory, they arrive on site ready for assembly. No on-site measuring or cutting is normally required and the main structure of the building can usually be erected within hours thereby reducing  labour costs over traditional builds. [...]

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Advantages of Rendered Buildings

Speed of Construction The steel frame for a typical domestic garage can be erected in days with the structure becoming watertight in a fraction of the time associated with traditional builds. This provides quick access for follow-on trades such as electricians and plasterers to ensure the garage can be completed much quicker than normal. Cost [...]

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