Frequently Asked Questions

Abtech Steel Buildings offer a range of cladding solutions

Frequently Asked Questions2017-02-26T16:18:54+00:00
What is the maximum width your buildings span?2019-10-09T15:11:43+01:00

Usually our buildings span to 9m wide. However, with the recent purchase of a new machine we will now be able to manufacture buildings up to 15m wide using a bigger purlin.

Do you provide the concrete base?2018-08-07T12:09:24+01:00

Abtech do not supply the concrete base. However, drawings can be provided when purchased. Drawings include the recommended size of a concrete base for the building purchased.

Do I need planning permission?2015-12-15T12:25:22+00:00

Frequently planning permission is not required for an Abtech Steel Building. However local regulations may apply. Further information can be found on our page Planning & Building Control Guide

Will I need to hire a contractor to erect the building?2015-12-15T12:26:01+00:00

The completely bolted design of the Abtech Steel Building means that the structures can be erected by most DIY enthusiasts with a minimum of tools and equipment.

Basic wrenches can be used although access to a battery operated impact wrench will speed the process.

All nuts, bolts, brackets and screws are provided.

If I decide to erect the building myself, how will I know how it goes together?2015-12-15T12:26:42+00:00

We will provide a detailed fitting instruction booklet with the kit similar to that supplied with flat-pack furniture.

How long will it take to erect?2015-12-15T12:27:20+00:00

All the column and beam sections come pre-punched with all necessary fixing holes to allow for rapid fabrication.

The structural frames for many of our buildings can be erected in a day with a further day or two to fit the cladding and trims.

The duration may be slightly longer for more complex structures but will still be only a fraction of the time taken for traditional “bricks & mortar” constructions.

Do I need to dig a foundation?2015-12-15T12:27:52+00:00

The lightweight design of the Abtech Steel Building means that large strip foundations, as with traditional builds, are not required.

We do, however, normally require a 150mm deep concrete base to bolt the steel building down to. This may require hiring a local contractor.

Can I choose the colour of the building?2015-12-15T12:28:46+00:00

A range of colours and finishes are available. See our Profiled Cladding page.

I want to make my new garage blend in with my house. Is this possible?2015-12-15T12:29:34+00:00

Abtech Steel Buildings offer a coloured render finish to the outside of the building that can be used to match with many traditional masonry structures.

These renders are silicon based and water resistant and can be applied directly to external fibreboard fixed to the structure or even to external insulation panels.

See our Rendered Buildings page.

Will I have plenty of headroom?2015-12-15T12:30:02+00:00

Unlike light box-section sheds, the Abtech Steel Building uses deep, cold rolled, C-Sections.

The added strength these provide mean that we do not need a truss to support the roof so the full height of the room extends to the underside of the ridge.

Can I have PVC windows in my new garage?2015-12-15T12:30:37+00:00

Yes we can supply and fit PVC windows and doors if requested. Additionally, to provide more natural light, we can incorporate polycarbonate roof and wall panels into the outer cladding.