Speed of Occupancy
Due to the fact that the elements of the Abtech Steel Building are pre-fabricated in the factory, they arrive on site ready for assembly. No on-site measuring or cutting is normally required and the main structure of the building can usually be erected within hours thereby reducing  labour costs over traditional builds.

Ease of Assembly
Your Abtech Steel Building is supplied with detailed assembly instructions and each element of the structure is predrilled to make assembly simple and straightforward with a few  basic tools. Due to the lightweight nature of the beams and columns, heavy lifting equipment is not normally required during erection. Access to confined or remote corners of your property is simple as all the elements can normally be carried.

Reduced Foundation Costs
All Abtech Steel Buildings are manufactured from cold rolled pre-galvanised steel. The structures high strength to weight ratio makes the overall building very strong but also lightweight. This reduces the need for expensive foundations with a 150mm deep floor slab usually being sufficient to support the building.

The Abtech Steel Building uses high-tensile, pre-galvanised steel, cold rolled into an incredibly strong C-section, as the structural elements of the building. The columns and beams are bolted together with galvanised base, eaves and ridge plates into a rigid frame. Unlike some light, welded box-section frames or wooden structures that require painting and ongoing maintenance,  the Abtech Steel Building will be durable and maintenance free for many years.

Environmentally Friendly
As the Abtech Steel Building  uses cold rolling technology, the energy required to fabricate the frame is extremely low.  All the connections are bolted together using standard 8.8 Grade M12x25 bolts and no welding is normally required.

Each element is rolled from a continuous coil  of pre-galvanised steel so waste is extremely low.
Abtech steel buildings are completely recyclable making them a  sustainable, reusable, environmentally friendly building option.

Since Abtech Steel Buildings do not  require the use of chemical preservatives as in the case of wooden structures or  paint as with light box-section frames,  future contamination is not a concern.

The low weight– high strength nature of the Abtech Steel Building  greatly reduces the amount of heavy haulage required for delivery to site and heavy lifting equipment is not normally  required during erection.

Future Flexibility
Due to their modular design, Abtech steel buildings can be expanded quickly and cost effectively by disassembling  one end wall and adding extra bays. In most cases, the removed end wall can then be reused. As the building is bolted and screwed together, dismantling and relocation is a simple process.